About Shawna Smyth Studio

Let’s reconnect with our inner child.

Let’s remember what it’s like to be surprised by our own laughter.

To let wonder and delight completely take over.

Let’s reach for our friends like we used to, just to see if they’ll have the same reaction as us!

Let’s remember to look for moments of joy in everyday life, and to share them with everyone we know.

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about shawna smyth

When Shawna isn’t designing new products or doing “super-fun” admin work, you can usually find her hanging out with the nearest friendly cat or dog.

Shawna loves all the introvert-y things, like reading fantasy novels, doodling, studiously taking notes while reading self-help/entrepreneur books, knitting, crochet, and embroidery. And tv. Annnnnd Youtube. (Links to Shawna’s current faves down below!)

She’s also trying to learn how to cook gluten free meals that aren’t crumbly or rubbery, and don’t make her want to scream into the void. (She developed a severe gluten allergy around 30 yrs old, and it’s been QUITE the journey.)

Shawna launched her business in 2014, shortly after getting her BA in Interdisciplinary Arts & Design Studies from the University of North Texas.

That same year, she began selling wholesale at the DIME Store, and quickly became a member of the co-op. She is now the creative manager of DIME,and has added several other retailers to her list of stockists. Notably, in 2019, Paper Source began carrying her Seal of Approval card nationwide.


current faves on youtube (in alphabetical order)

Ear Biscuits - This is the video podcast of Rhett & Link (of Good Mythical Morning) and it’s like sitting at a table with old friends and chatting about whatever’s on your mind.

Furry Little Peach - Sha’an is basically the Australian version of Shawna, or maybe Shawna’s the American version of Sha’an…

Julien Solomita - Julien’s had celiac most of his life, and posts cool cooking videos. He also posts fun videos with his dogs!

Kati Morton - Kati is a licensed therapist who makes fascinating mental health videos. Mental health is easy to neglect, but it’s so important to keep your mind healthy and recognize the warning signs.

Matt & Kim - Shawna’s favorite band started a vlog channel! Matt and Kim are so funny and charming and their videos are always entertaining to watch.